Monday, October 19, 2009

Loggen and Support Documentation

The folks at University of Michigan have changed their site, so all links that I have come to to try and get the documentation for LOGGEN have gone bye bye.  I have downloaded and am making available the LOGGEN 2.2 DMG, as well as the LOGGEN Documentation.  Loggen 2.2 is from January '09 so it has been recently updated.

For those that do not know...this is a little utility that produces snapshots and diff files of your operating system.. Then there are utilites that can take these diff files and create root package directories for you to repackage the changes into an OSX Installer pkg file.  On our image, we always finish with a loggen initial scan, which we can then go back to and look at what has changed if need be.  If you google loggen you will see a few links on how to use it for the above purpose, but I just use it as a command line diff maker for trouble shooting.