Saturday, November 28, 2009

Upgrading from iPhone 2G to 3G.

My wife has an iPhone 2G that we had the Pick Your Plan with unlimited data from AT&T.  She has been wanting to upgrade, but I have not been in love with being locked into a 2 year contract.  She purchased an iPhone 3G from Ebay, and it arrived today.

After reading many MANY conflicting reports on what AT&T supports, workarounds etc etc we did the following...

Fully sync and backup the original iPhone 2G which is fully updated with the latest OS and service provider updates.  We then attached the iPhone 3G to the computer, and when it shows up in iTunes, we right click on the name on the left hand pane of iTunes, and select "Restore from Backup" then choose the backup from your original phone.

Once restored, we did a full sync just to make sure it was all good.  We then shut off the original phone and  removed the SIM card, then turned off the new iPhone 3G and placed the SIM inside.  The phone started right up and worked right away with NO tweaking.  The only thing we needed to do was re-enter any passwords (WI-FI, email passwords etc) and all was well.

So, for the time being.....VIOLA...upgrade from 2G to 3G keeping all SMS messages and configurations.

BTW, this may only have been possible as we had the Pick Your Plan with unlimited data all along with our original iPhone.  It is my understanding that you can no longer purchase the unlimited data for your Pick Your Plan unless on an original iPhone or iPhone 2G.  So, if you can get your hands on an original iPhone and activate it or Pick Your Plan with unlimited Data, you may stand a chance....good luck.  BTW, as I said, there has been many many conflicting reports so you should contact AT&T for the official info.

Next, my daughter has another AT&T phone with Pick Your Plan and Unlimited Data.  We will see about transplanting that SIM into the iPhone 2G and see what happens.