Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple, remember the whole "Think Differnet" thing....well?? I love the iPad (not too keen on the name now) but I think the device fills a good niche for uses where the iPhone/iPod Touch screen is just to small.

with the iPod Touch I can VPN in (using built in Cisco VPN client), get all my Exchange goodness with ActiveSync and use Safari for all our internal web stuff. I can get RDP and VNC clients so I can look at and control my servers. I wish Apple would make Server Tools for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and a remote screen sharing client. I can also load a SIP client and hop on my phone system. The new iWork and keyboard dock make for a great note taking device during Apple, why am I not buying one????

AT& one reason. We are a Verizon house. I use a Blackberry Storm...I hate it. I would upgrade to an iPhone in no time flat if it would come to Verizon, and this iPad would by the ultimate technician "in the field" tool.

Also, it is apparently LACKING the VPN/ActiveSync functionality (since I can not find any mention of it on the info pages) of the iPod Touch...WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY????  This is supposed to be based on the iPhone OS, WHY would you remove that functionality and instantly remove IT people from your client list??  The iPhone/iPod Touch integration with ActiveSync is one of the BEST mobil email/Calendar clients I have ever used.  To me this totally negates this device to a consumer toy and you instantly remove a good bit of sales.  It shows once again that Apple does not care about enterprise, and I was so hopeful in the direction of the iPhone OS.  I hope this is rectified with OS 4.0.

Below is the CBS News Online story on the event, and you can go to the iPad website (link here) to see the event and short web feature.