Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lightspeed users...blocking chat sites...add these NOW.

If you are using Lightspeed then you should immediately add these following sites to the forums.im catagory

chatroulette.com and chatrt.com as well as omegle.com and their associated IP addresses.

The danger here is that both site connect you to anonymous strangers for chat.  Although for adults this may be an exercise in chat adventure....for kids....this is very dangerous.  Omegle is bad enough as it is just TEXT chat but chatroulette is Audio/Video (yes, built in cam chat).  Upon testing, I was connected to a male chatter who was doing something less than appropriate on cam.

Apparently there is an iPhone app for Omegle as well.

Also, if you are using a student policy to block chat sites, make sure you use the option to block non-http sites that are unknown IP addresses and block https to blocked sites. and keep checking IP addresses and keep them current.  Most chat sites can be had by using https and they rotate their IP's in DNS.