Sunday, September 13, 2009

Audio/Video conversion tools for OSX

Some wonderful OSX tools to manipulate and convert audio/video.

Audacity - Open Source audio editor
Gimp - Open Source graphic editor
FFmpegX - GUI front end to OSX version of ffmpeg (Video Conversion)
Mpeg Streamclip - Converter (supports many formats)
VLC - Media player that can also transcode and convert in many formats
Perian - Quicktime component that allows Quicktime to play many formats
Handbrake - Rip DVD's to MP4, directly into iPod/iPhone formats as well as others.

All the above utilities are free.  You can download them and use them to perform many tasks.  Mpeg Streamclip also includes a "Save as AVI" quicktime component.  I use all these utilities on a regular basis when I need to convert video into different formats for our video needs.  The only other utility we use is Sorenson Squeeze to convert video to FLASH format for the website.  It isn't pretty or quick, but it does the job.